check your surroundings

they started showing silent movies again / and the moon’s been writing love songs with no one to hear them / tired astronauts with no home address / it’s time to check your surroundings / growing up backwards only works if you’re looking behind you / glance at your watch one more time before we […]

paris is burning

i took a red-eye flight to paris booked my ticket twenty minutes before boarding because what the hell it’s paris, i have to go i arrived early this morning before the light had a chance to delicately shine through the parisian blinds the air here smells different new welcome to the city of love or […]

january deep breaths

this month has given me a lot of time for self-reflection and i’ve decided there’s a lot of things i want to do before i have to go i don’t know when that moment of departure will be but i’m hoping it’s not for a while i’ve never really liked early morning flights and i’m […]

i might be missing a miracle

everyone looks up at the stars when they’re waiting for a miracle to happen hoping that if they stare long enough the golden sun might fall out of the sky and into their arms and they’ll finally feel the warmth they’ve heard so much about i want to be someone’s miracle held in their arms […]

i didn’t know you

i heard the news at 8:04pm last friday night it paralyzed me my parents asked me if i knew you i didn’t i wanted to tell my sister but i couldn’t bring myself to say it how do you say something like that all the words feel hollow i don’t think they made the right […]